Frost and the tedious set up.

March 27, 2008 at 4:06 pm (Business story) (, )

Pat asked Frost to help her set up her booth.  Frost was ammeniable to this, as she wanted the chance to learn about Art and Craft Fairs without having to learn on the fly.  So Frost set out to help Pat set up.  First there was the painting– delayed because the Carpenter was late! Then there was the set up– delayed because the van rental was late! The set up was cumbersome and very intricate.  Not to mention very, VERY orange.  Fortnately, nothing went seriously wrong.  The set up Pat planned didn’t quite fit the dimensions of reality, but Pat had with her the very architectuarly practiced J-Fever, so he was able to make the booth work and look better for it.  Frost was handy with the electroncs (once she knew what the hell she shoud do to help)  and got lots of excercise carrying things, which made her happy.   The set up still took some time, and was just plain tedious.   Frost looked at the set up and looked at other set ups, and decided that she was going to be much more interested in a streamlined, simple set up with an emphasis on a interactive setting. She saw one booth setting up with curtains that hooked over the rods rather than threading over them.  This was a very good idea that Frost was definitely going to use.   She also saw some thin metal poles that clamped together to provide support for lighting.  This was exactly the sort of solution that she was looking for!   It also occured to her that since she had jellies to hang, she wasn’t going to have a table space for them.  Maybe she could make a part of her booth a floor sitting area, with pillows.  Then you could sit under her jellies and rest, while looking at her goods, and thinking about how much you want to buy.   Or at least just rest your feet and keep the artist entertained while she sits in her booth all day.  These thoughts made her happy, and kept her going through-out the day. 


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