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I’m doing a school sale tomorrow in Gresham. The Butler Creek Bazaar. I don’t know what to expect, other than I hope to sell some of my cheeper items. And maybe get snowed in. -_-‘

In addition I recently won a charity auction at a local newspaper to get a review written about my work. Yeay! I’m going to be sharing my sculptural work with the reviewer. I’m going into the offices on Monday to figure out how this is going to work.

It got me thinking about Charity. I used my charity budget to do this, and yet I’m still getting something out of it. Does that mean its really MY charity or is it the charity of the person who would otherwise be getting the money? Does it count that I likely paid far too much for the article? Does that make it an act of charity on my part?

I was raised to believe that true charity is when you’re not getting anything at all in return beyond thanks and the warm fuzzies. Right now, in this economy and the way things are going for me I don’t feel like I can let that much money go without getting something back. I feel terrible saying that, and ashamed, yet it is the unfortunate truth. That doesn’t mean that I’ve not been donating other places. Just in smaller amounts, or in ceramics.

In the end I just feel glad that I got into a bidding war with someone at the end and therefore got to give more money than the item was really worth. I think.


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