Blizzard of 2008

December 23, 2008 at 4:12 am (Studio and Environment) (, , , , , , , )

Today I tromped to the studio through the snow. The Trimet was only running the blue line, because all the switches were frozen. The roads were paved in ice, because the city seems to only have two snow plows. The cars had driven over the snow enough to make it a nice solid pack, except of course, on corners. I had to hike through the park and over a bridge. It wasn’t too bad, a couple people and some cross country skiers had broken the trail before me.

That was the funny thing… people on skis and snow shoes came out of the wood work. I was quite jealous a couple of times as I watched them glide (almost) effortlessly over the snow. Of course, if I had been on skis I wouldn’t have been able to kick large chunks of ice into the river; a childish past time that was entirely enjoyable.

Some people had reached the studio before me, but no one was there while I was. Fortunately, no frozen pipes or clay, though I think the glazes were getting close. I turned on the heat and loaded the kiln, then did some glaze tests.

Right now the kiln is broken, with the bottom elements out of commission. I had to load the kiln with a lot of open space at the bottom so that it would heat evenly… Or at least that was my plan. I’ve got a giant mixing bowl down in the bottom of the kiln, so I hope my theory works!


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