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I got myself a web-page. Its all about my art and process. Kinda’ fun. Go check it out:

In other news I’m finally getting a firing in on Monday. Since the medium Kiln is broken, I’ve not really been able to get in a firing since… well, December. Kinda’ a bummer, if you ask me (and since you’re reading this, consider yourself to have asked. 🙂 ) The large and small kilns are manuel fires so I’m going to have to be there for 9 hours. Bleck. Early morning for me on Monday.

On Thursday I had a privet viewing of my sculpture for a reporter for the Portland Mercury. I won a review in the Christmas Charity Auction. Its the first time I’ve had my work out in Portland, and I’ve been getting some great responses. It kinda’ helps that the only space I have to store the pieces in is the front window of the Studio. 🙂 The article comes out in next week’s Mercury. I’ll post a link here if I can. 😀


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