July 31, 2010 at 8:29 am (About my process, Showing off results) (, , , , )

I am a live. Also, I have new pictures. Here’s the bullet points on whats been happening:

Granddad’s memorial was last week.
Vacation is next week.
Picked up some extra throwing work for the summer to take the edge off less hours at Struble
Did the Mississippi St. Fair only to realize that my work didn’t fit the venue.
Got a lot of functional stuff now. Trying to get it posted to Etsy. Yeay?
Am theorizing that the anxiety attack that’s keeping me awake at 1:30 AM is connected to my sedate past week or so (due to hours at work and hours driving.)
Started throwing with a dark bodied clay. Was taken back to my Childhood in GA and reminded why I’m so snobby (snotty?) about dark clay bodies.

Yup. I’m alive and working, just not in a very shary mode (at least not until I get anxiety attacks.) Here’s a photo!
Sake flask!

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