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So my friend Cory is doing well. She’s more of a painter/surface artist, but she does do some clay, mostly slab-plates. She wanted to do more, but she can’t really throw and didn’t have the time to really learn, with needing to paint and make clothes as well. So she hired me to throw for her. It was a great experiance. She and I were able to lay out clearly what was needed and what was expected from both sides, she was willing to pay a fair price for the work, and I got to throw a lot. It really helped me refine my production skillz.

Here’s her website: http://Www.corijacobs.com/

She’s running a store in Southern Mexico, its her first year. A cute little store with all her awesome designs. Here’s our colaborative work:

Well, she’s doing damn well. Took two weeks to sell half her ceramics inventory. Yeay for her! Yeay for me too, that means my forms are liked, and I’ve got more work to do.

Like 351 pieces by January 15th.

… OMG. yikes. but strangely I might be delusional, but I think I might be able to do it. I mean, I’ll be throwing like MAD but … I know I can get 20 pieces done in a day easily. I think I might be able to do 30. Anyhow, that should be enough to get close… I think.

On the other hand, when did this happen? I seem to remember having trouble getting 8 pieces done in a day. Wow. Somewhere in there I think I got good and I didn’t notice. Well, if not good, at least efficient and effective. o_O.

I’ll be posting snapshots of my work, just to record for myself this crazy venture. And then I’m going to laugh insanely if I get it all done before Cori shows up in January to do her thing to them.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it!


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