Getting new toys can take a while…

June 24, 2011 at 7:48 pm (Studio and Environment) (, , , , )

So a couple months back I bought a Henna Kit. I wanted to play with henna and I figured that the $20 kit was cheeper than what I’d get from a proffessional. After all, a $20 henna tattoo is tiny.

So I got the henna kit, did a full forarm tattoo and was happy. Even more so, the bottle that they supply for the application is just a smaller version of my slip-trail tools. On-top of what would have been a $40 tattoo size I got a ceramics tool! Rock on! And I still wasn’t done with the henna. So put the henna in the fridge and didn’t get back to it till today.

Today I wanted to actually have my slip-trail tool. I just felt bad getting rid of most of the henna I bought. So now I have an arm tattoo, two foot tattoos, I tattooed my fire gloves (they’re leather) a wooden shelf and some ware boards. I spent 3 hours working through this stuff and I still gave up before I ran out. Dang.

So I burned out on slip trailing for the day, but at least I now have my cute little bottle!


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