Antique Pottery!

July 7, 2011 at 7:16 pm (inspiration) (, , , )

Sometimes its fun to go digging in the past for inspiration. I stumbled across this jug and I am in love. ^_^




  1. ritaroberts said,

    This is a beautiful Bellarmine Jug. Saltglazed stoneware. I collect saltglazed wares but never been lucky enough to afford this Bellarmine Jug .Lucky You.

    • frostindri said,

      Do you collect modern or antique? Or both, as the opportunity presents itself?
      Not being able to afford it is why I go do my google searches. Just because I can’t hold it doesn’t mean I can’t admire it. ^_^ Some of the traditional work is very beautiful. Modern soda kilns put out less pollution and get the same effect. I wish I had access to one.

      • ritaroberts said,

        I used to run an antique shop of my own so had the opportunity to collect..I have some saltglaze harvest jugs.But also like collecting antique teapots but have slowed up a litle now as the prices are now to high. From antiques I progressed into archaeology as pottery analyst. You may like to check out my blog where there is info about my book.”Toffee Apples & Togas”

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