Day by Day

July 18, 2011 at 4:05 pm (About my process) (, , , , , , )

Right now its high production season in the studio. I’ve got orders to fill, and so I don’t get much time with my creative endeavors. I suppose thats ok because as I research the show I’m putting together, I’m feeling overwhelmed. The water takes up 70% of the planets surface and most of that is ocean. The abundance of life in the ocean almost guarantees that life will survive in the oceans no matter what we throw at it, but knowing what will survive and in what form depending on where it is in conjunction to what human disasters… blergh.

So I’m trying to decide between two approaches right now. The first is a sampling approach: I’m presenting samples of weird specimens from around the world that have adapted after the long running disaster that has been human intervention on the oceans. Some successes in conservation, but a lot of failures.

The second would be to focus on one particular part of the ocean. A specific area in the world. The Gulf of Mexico for instance, or the coast of Japan. (That one would be easier, it’s already a dead-zone. Anything that could survive there can’t be consumed by humans.)

I dunno. still trying to figure it out.


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