Good Morning!

August 16, 2011 at 3:53 pm (Business story) (, , , , , , )

Yesterday I got some work on the pasta jars done. I have to tell you, its a pretty awesome feeling holding a jar that you made that’s a foot tall (30.5 cm tall). I’m going to be giving some ammonites homes today and then its finally to those darn mermaid purses that I’ve been trying to get to.

Yesterday was the second day of the Mercy Corps NW class on Business Fundamentals. It was largely on finances and while a lot of it was stuff I already knew, it was illuminating to me to have it set out in that structure. I know the cultural myth is that “creatives” are supposed to be good with free form and better with no limitations or boundaries, but I find that structure really helps me. Structure and group support, which is what a class provides. Even in the studio I find structure useful. I don’t need to be so tightly bound to structure that it limits my movements, but … well, I see it like a vast jungle gym that I can move across however I want, and in the studio I get to try to use it to see what I can make.

So the class is good for me. The homework is a bit intimidating, but its good practice. I’m just not looking forward to checking out my credit report. o.O


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