Work is a Vampire

October 29, 2011 at 5:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Seriously. Ergh. I’ve been working part time jobs up till now, but that doesn’t really pay enough bills just now. So now I have a full time job and no energy or life force left to really do the things I want. Ugh. Thus my disappearance.

Not that I’ve stopped doing ceramics. I’d have a melt-down of epic proportions if THAT happened, but things like writing on my blog has definitely fallen to the wayside, and I only get 6 hours a week in the studio, as compared to the 40 I was getting before. 😦 So sad.

Still, I find ways to cope. Now I bring work home to go all texture on. ^_^ Sitting in front of the TV, watching DR Who or whatever I feel like at the moment and poking intricate texture into the pieces. Very relaxing. I will be ready for my show in January!

As for Christmas, I’m going to be in a Pop-up-store in Portland this year. 🙂 It opens on the 17th, I believe, and its on the intersection of SW Morrison, 10th, and the Max line. Eeee!


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