Tentacle love

November 24, 2011 at 7:17 am (inspiration, Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Philip K. Dick was an amazing Author. A while back I read an interview with him just before he died where he laid out the frame work for a story. A main plot point was an alien race that beheld colors in a way that humans can’t, but couldn’t hear.

My mind went immideatly to cephalopods. Cuttle fish to be particular, mostly because of the giant cuttlefish near Austrailia which can put on such a great show. Also because they are known to communicate through using color.

Now we’re finding out out more and more about the intelligence of Octopi. Other animals as well, but Octopi and other cephalopods are just so fascinatingly different.

I can’t imagine eating something so intelligent, it honestly grosses me out to see cooked octopus. I wonder if someday in the future humans will be able to honestly communicate with the alien creatures that haunt our waters, and how humans will effect the evolution of octipi… and vice versa. (I mean, if we’re going to start adopting genese from other creatures, I totally want color changing skin.)


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