Resisting the lure of hiding

December 9, 2011 at 6:02 am (About my process) (, , , , )

So its near the solstice, right? The winter solstice. The fracking cold and long dark night. Evil.

Usually I’m a little on the batshit crazy side of things, but this year I’m trying light therapy and whatdoyaknow? It works. Sort of. Now I don’t feel completely emotional and crazy, but I’m still feeling tired and finding it hard to concentrait. All I want to do is sleep and run away from the things i have to do that are keeping me from sleeping and feeling ok. Like, you know, the show. Or work. Or people. And definitely cooking. Definitely don’t want to cook anymore. Hell… I could do away with most eating.

So its like this light has evened out the moods, but not saved me from the need to hibernate. Nor is it saving me from the feeling of unpreparedness.

Ergh. Back to work.


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