The Upcoming show!!!

December 29, 2011 at 6:56 pm (Galleries, Sales and events) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Well, here’s the first poster! The show is going up next week and will be up for 2 months at the SCRAP Re:Use gallery. 🙂 Since all my clay is reclaim, and I’ve been using this yummy reclaim glaze (or two) I feel that this is a great place to give my work a first show.

A show at the SCRAP Re:Use Gallery

All the weird post human critters you know you want to see. :}

Also, its a good excuse for all you Portlanders who haven’t been to SCRAP yet to go check out the awesomeness that is the creative reuse center of Portland. 🙂


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Pet Peeve: Reclaim

June 15, 2011 at 4:39 pm (About my process, Studio and Environment) (, , , , , , , )

Yesterday I ended up working on reclaim. For those of you unfamiliar with ceramics reclaim, its the left over clay trimmings and failed pieces that can be and should be recycled. It takes a lot of energy to get clay out of the ground, and the enviromental toll per piece adds up if you just use new clay strait out of the bag and from the mine.

In order to reclaim you dry out your failed pieces to bone dry, add it to the wet slops and trimmings (and as much water as needed). The bone dry pieces melt into gooey puddles and when you stir it all together you get a thick mass of clay that you can then pile onto plaster bats and let dry out to a throwing consistancy. That’s the part I did yesterday.

Now, I am in a community studio so I have other people than myself dumping clay into the barrel. That means I get to encounter my pet-peeve of the studio: leather hard clay in the wet reclaim.

Leather hard clay still has water in it, bonding the clay together and blocking up the pores of the clay. Therefore, leather hard clay does not melt. It does not accept new water readily, and will take much (MUCH) longer to get to a state soft enough to throw. Reclaiming with leather hard clay in the barrel leads to a lot more time spent on wedging, since we don’t have a pug mill here. (probably wouldn’t matter as much if we did.)

So when someone sticks two large lumps of leather hard, colored reclaim in the white, wet reclaim barrell I get noticiably aggrivated. Fortunatly, such mistakes are removable, with a bit of time and effort.

But if I ever find out who did that, they are going to get the full “this is how you reclaim” lecture, since clearly they haven’t a fraking clue.

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